What will a restructured Nigeria look like?

  • olayiwola

    The ball can be kick started by formulating bills for the present national assembly, to decentralized the present system. Such bills should be backed by advocacy, public sensitisation to ensure two third passing by the assembly. It can be started from the ones that are generally acceptable

    • Tony Osborg

      In my opinion, Nigeria needs a brand new Constitution. It will be extremely difficult to get a restructured system through bills. You cannot depend on and expect one of the biggest beneficiaries (NASS) of the present system to give you a restructured system. Nigeria needs a sovereign national conference. We need a new constitution not some cosmetic amendments

      • olayiwola

        Well, who will convene that SNC, will the NASS that you think, surrender to such a conference? Besides a full scale war, that will end with a negotiations, we can’t have a SNC here in nigeria. For now, we can whittle away the central power!

  • Michael Grimsons

    On its face value the twenty rules are fair enough , if it could be operated in a fair Nigeria . But under the present circumstances , how applicable could these fundamental principles be ? That’s the nagging question .