What do these Federalists want with Nigeria?

We are Federalist oriented Nigerians who believe there is no other time but now to come together and demand for the most important change that Nigeria truly needs which we believe is true federalism.

We exist to achieve three objectives.

  1. To sensitize and educate Nigerians as to why the country has never worked and might never work, and to illustrate to them how the root cause of this failure is linked to the skewed defective unitary system which we operate.

  2. To mobilize the now enlightened Nigerians towards demanding for a restructured system based on the principles of true federalism.

  3. To participate in the restructuring  process through policy formulations, bills sponsorship, participation in constitution amendment process, etc.

Be a part of the movement and participate in building a better future for our dear country Nigeria! Join this historic campaign and stand up for the values that could make our country become great. Make a difference. Learn more about Federalism. Preach Federalism. Demand for a restructured Nigeria. Become a Federalist.